Stafford Christadelphians

The Christadelphian ecclesia (church) in Stafford, England

Stafford Christadelphian hall


Christadelphians are a group of people united by their belief in the Bible and their aim to follow its teaching.

You can find out more about what we believe, or you can follow our series of lessons explaining what we believe and why we believe it.

Our faith is important to us and we believe we have a responsibility to share it with others. That is the main purpose of this web site.

Coronavirus (COVID19)

Our meetings at Sheridan Hall are cancelled until further notice. Stafford Christadelphians are holding our regular meetings by video conference.

We have created a new page with articles and comments about the current crisis.

God's Invitation

God's invitation

While we're still not able to offer presentations at Sandon Hall, we want people to be able to join us for the kind of Bible Hour presentation we would normally offer.

We have arranged an online presentation, titled “God's Invitation”, using the Zoom videoconferencing system on Sunday 13 June at 2.00 pm UK time.

To join, click this link: You will need to enter the passcode shown on the image above or to the left of this paragraph.

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